About Us

My name is Pimonpan Bentz. Most just call me “Maam”.

I grew up in Bangkok, Thailand where my family and I have worked in the food industry for three generations. This brings a lot of tradition to our recipes. Many of our recipes have been passed down through the family for a thousand years.

Thai people are proud to have eating and cooking as a very important part of our life. That is what has made Thai food world famous for its extraordinary blend of spices and unique balance of flavors.

As for me, six years ago I moved here to study in Corvallis at OSU. Then I moved to Bend and earned my degree in Culinary Management from Cascade Culinary Institute. I have worked in hotels, resorts, restaurants, private homes and even on sail boats. Banquets, catering and teaching of healthy cooking and vegetarian dishes are my specialties.

I do hope you enjoy my food and have fun exploring the amazing food of Thailand. I would be happy to answer your questions.

Sawadee Kra,